Tips for optimizing your mobile forms design:

Gateway of any business are online forms:
Online forms are ever present usage may differ but they provide access to any website for example any e-commerce website. All the eminent forms have a common purpose to serve the record data of usage by 5 w’s whom, when, where, why and for what.

The difference between mobile form and desktop form do vary.

Be it login form, lead generation or ecommerce transaction page, the user may be unhappy because the mobile phone user has smaller screen little access as compared to desktop but the operation of task is same. Let’s say login, if the forms are not compatible with mobile devices we may lose the customer. Designing a mobile form is crucial and many factors are to be considered. 

Minimize quantity of form fields

Too many fields are very dangerous as the customer may be frustrated and quit the website. Too much data input leads to irritation and creates an irritation impact on the data filling.

The marketing team may require more inputs of the customer for present and future use resulting in darkening the entire screen for ever. The customer will not fill a lengthy form.

For example there are two forms one has 12 fields and another is of 3, there is a great danger of data security, customers will be skeptical to fill a lengthy form.

Remove all unnecessary stuff and keep only required form fields for data to be filled to the extent of required

Mandatory fields and field sequel

Business as usual demands the best practices of kiss strategy (keep it short and sweet) eg. In inquiry form, asked marital status and date of anniversary to be filled, it wouldn’t be fair to do so. Same information after closing the sale is a perfect thought. The customer would happily do so.
The sequence is maintained at every step. There is a globally acceptable structure name, email, mobile number and address etc.

Take advantage of “autofill”

For example street address is auto filled instead of typing, “autofill” function is more soothing to the customer. The customer would be doing it even if it’s extra information for them.

Design layout in single-column

Outline of the entire form should be visible. Still the less is more. Multicolumn is not comfortable for mobile phones.


Should not make it clumsy, balanced fields are more recommended.
Less scary while looking at a form, a very tight space see a huge amount of typing job smashed in the device, this is certainly discouraging. Appearance should give a feeling that, oh! It will finish in no time.

Provide scanners for payments

Instead of entering the credit card numbers is always a bad idea for mobile devices, a strong recommendation is card scanning apps.

Provide state of success or completion

Forms on mobile forms or on websites, provide an action phrase stating that the form is over words like submission successful, thanks for completion, submit it’s over. Such words create a trustful relationship.

Bright and clear action buttons

After the completion of the form a bold and visible clear button of “submit” or “complete” helps to streamline the form and also avoid unnecessary confusion.

Test you form before publishing

There are thousands of users and mobile phone devices with differently models so create an automated testing process, which can considerably decrease the cost, time and effort needed. There are many reasonably priced suitable designs and testing tools available which are worth.

Importance of design and action

Poor design=low conversion=lose business
Such an equation, through a bright light on the importance of forms.

Fields design

Radio buttons & checkboxes are the quickest works the best selection methods from the list.

Validation & error- messages on mobile forms

In real-time and inline validation is recommended, the customer need not scroll back after reaching the submission button.
The error message should not be placed at the top of the page. Ensure the visibility of the error messages promptly seen and placed to close propinquity.

Don’t blame the user.

If the forms are clear and prudent the user will certainly fill them. If by chance the forms are not being filled please get them tested first instead of blaming the conversion rate.