Striving Hard to Find the Perfect Applicant?

Here’s What a Job Application Forms can make it for you.

Companies want people who want them.  Says – Madeline Mann (Talent development Manager) 

Hiring is a necessity for companies looking to expand their work. The process, however, can be tedious and time-consuming if you are not implementing the best strategies, like using an application form. Fortunately, now, job application forms permit you to quickly hire a lot of qualified and eligible individuals in a brief period.

How would you describe the Job application forms?

An employment application forms are the most suitable way for applicants to put down one’s Information about themselves, seeing only the most compelling factors relevant to a particular job position.

Now next question Stands as When to use a Job Application form?

It’s also more comfortable for the human resource team to review all applications by the software they use and finally sorting out from a few best candidates and eliminating the masses, from those applied applicants for the next level to whom they fell are fulfilling the desired portfolio. The first factor to be considered is whether the job positing it as an entry-level or for the experience. As an entry-level posting, there will be thousands of candidates applying for the same position, and applications will be flooded, so in that case, a Job Application comes handy as software embedded with the application form, can assist you to sort out and in keeping track of all those applying.  But in case of an experienced position, you will not be receiving as many applicants, so it’s even easier to handle candidates. But for both positions, the procedure ae equally mandatory for the applicants. Applicants are required to fill the form completely and sincerely as once submitted application form, they can’t revert it. And for the recruitment panel will have easy access to essential details about all of the viable candidates. Thus, these employment forms use these Job or employment templates and themes programs make it easy access for important Information for different portfolios.  On the other side, CV and Resume have equal potential, but it depends on the recruitment panel how engaged are they and willing to read each CV or Resume.

What’s the perfect way to structure down the Employment application form?

Job application Forms must be incredibly convenient and comfortable to fill and now with digital tend to grow at such a rapid pace, as maximum 70% of users are on mobile or tablet (google survey), so the form should support and be flexible with mobile with a full browser, along with pc. Along with the Job application form must be printable, appealing, and easy to read and write format.  For Big companies, you can also fetch the data from which and where the applicant is filling the Form so that while indexing, it’s easy to sort according to location if having the company has multiple branches within the city, state. Country or globally.  To make sure that your employment application form contains all of the necessary information, at any organization required from candidates, there are a couple of specific fields you need to include:

  1. Full Name including the surname of the applicant
  2. Contact details of the applicant as his phone number along with alternative contact number, Email address, Residual address
  3. Along now, the Social presence in platforms like LinkedIn so that before the recruitment only the HR panel comes to know about sorted out candidate’s portfolios and mainly Endorsements.
  4. What position are they are applying for?
  5. Education history at various levels along with grades
  6. The Work experience of the candidate, along with his consistency in the previous firm or company
  7. Applicants minimum last 3 months salary record
  8. Whether the candidate can relocate or not if required?
  9. If Any Criminal records

Along with a few tricky or psychological questions that will be an added advantage in the Form as these common questions will reveal the applicants intend and purpose to join,

  1. Why should we hire you?
  2. How and where did he come to know about their organization?
  3. The latest happenings about the company?
  4. If not selected any plans for the future?
  5. Ask to write Ideas about how the organization and how both the company and applicant can benefit if we hire them.
  6. What is lacking in the company?
  7. While you applied, any ideas or feedback you want to give

Make sure that the answers are genuine and accurate as his Job Application form and not just randomly copy paste from other sources. This will make sure that Apart from Technical knowledge, the candidate had already gone through the company profile or webpage.  Their questions will help a lot to sort the masses and the ones who are seriously willing to work with dedication.  But make sure the application form is short and quite comprehensive to fetch all the data in the initial screening phase only.

Should job programs be Customized?

Yes, both the HR team and the Applicant must have a clear-cut vision and idea as to what’s the exact role one has to go through. Apart from this what extra effort or innovative skill they can put to manage their colleagues or team-mates and work as a group without any bias.

Why most of the companies now prefer Customized Job Application form instead of only a manual CV or resume?

It’s because the candidates before they undergo the application have a better understanding of the norms, guidelines, and protocols for the Job Application Form in eCubeApps.

Final Conclusion

To have a detail perspective of the norms for job application Form in eCubeApps insights as to how the sample looks as apart from the Mouth of words the Visual impact brings a lot of change in the way we perceive the details.

Feel free to undergo live demo samples like Job Application Form in eCubeApps, please visit  and check out the different templates and themes.

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