Title: Maximize your online reach by boosting Conversion rate – Here’s how
As we are moving steadily in 2020 with all the crisis around, many organizations have the undeterred focus is to drive traffic toward websites in hopes that this traffic converts into qualified leads and business grows. But how does this impact and optimize the Conversion that propels to a sustainable business growth?

What is a Conversion?
Conversion is any action which brings value to your website which could be a customer filling a contact form, subscription form, signup form etc.

The ultimate goal of any website is to increase conversions and not just traffic with the clicks!. Most websites achieve conversion rates between 1 to 5%. The goal of our article is to help you increase your conversion rate by understanding the audience better with improved online forms.

Optimizing the conversions process greatly boosts the number of highly-qualified leads, increase revenue,  obtain greater value from current leads and customers, and, simply, grow better.

    Benefits of Professional Online Forms in Websites 

  • To present a professional appearance of the website.
  • Forms create trust as potential users can communicate with the company.
  • Well -designed forms will increase traffic and boost the conversion rate
  • Forms can be connected to Database for better lead management
  • Easy to manage the customer interactions 

How to Increase Conversions with Online forms

Use a Simple Form Layout
A beautiful and feel good look can certainly enhance the possibility of conversion. Haphazardly displayed or very old versions of the form might allow the visitor to drop. You can use simple and functional forms created by the Ecube Apps team as per your industry.

Should Decrease the resistance
Resistance leads to less conversion rate. The more hurdles in the form, the chances of prospect are very less towards conversion.

Forms must be mobile friendly
As per reports more than 75% people browse websites from mobile devices. So it’s necessary to make the forms mobile friendly to get better conversions.

Ask simple questions first.
The customer has donated their valued time to you and decided to fill up the form. The commitment has germinated into their mind to give you their information like Name, email, phone number if possible a brief message only. This is sufficient for CTA.

Engage them to get connected
Getting the attention and maintaining it relies more than impressive visuals or flashy components. Rather, the content should make them connect on a more experiential, more personalized and interactive level that engage them giving a smooth and satisfied user experience!

Adequate Form Fields
Too much unnecessary data submission in the form annoys the customer. If the data is asked for no reasonable reasons then the customer will simply disappear from the site.

Load the Page Faster
If the page is very slow in loading, the user may quit the website. Hence, the page speed has to be fast loading and quick then the possibility of filing the form is high. As per one report,  1 Second increase in page speed will lead to 7% decrease in conversion.

A/B Testing for Forms
A/B testing a method in which we can test 2 different versions of form. Based on conversions from each form we can decide the best version for the website.

Make your website secure
Ensure to the customer that your site is secure and trustworthy. It’s mandatory to have HTTPS enabled on a website to gain customer trust.

Crystal clear privacy policy
Include the terms of privacy policy before the form is being filled as it gives a secure impression to the customer about their data. 

Include the form in right place of your website
The placement of form holds a good weight. After a certain stage on the page the user might look for a form hence, there has to be a press button to direct towards the form and the user will follow the procedure.

Auto-format version has to be added
Auto form filling information form browser is more advisable and healthy practice. Where  the customer has to click and click and so on. Nowadays most of the people have their commonly used info in their browser. Hence, users can fill the form easily.

Copy and paste option is a better idea
Few forms restrict users to copy and paste data instead they have to type physically. This is unacceptable to most of the customers resulting in lower conversion rates.

Use a Good CTA (Call to Action)
Make your CTA most relevant to the form. For a simple lead form, using “SUBMIT” will be good. Customizing the CTA to “GET FREE QUOTE”, “FREE TRIAL” etc can be good for conversions. 

Easy and catchy color of CTA button
It must be eye catchy color, if it’s in contrast color, it’s more prompting like red, blue or any bright color such display may make customers fill up the form. Most of the companies use Orange, Green, Blue, Red for CTA Buttons.

 Avoid tedious captchas
Captcha is necessary to prevent webspam. A simple captcha is necessary so users can complete the captcha requirement quickly.

Do not make Contact Numbers mandatory
Most of the users hate giving away their mobile or phone numbers as a research shows that asking for their contact numbers leads to form abandonment in almost every situation. Keep the phone number an additional or nice to have field since many users might have dealt with distractions or privacy invasions with sales staff persistently calling them on daily basis. The best way is to consider adding a high-converting Click-to-Call button if you want leads to reach out to you.

Include Social media Proof
Online forms or Sign-up forms are spontaneous and happen because of various influential factors and one of the best ways to positively influence the users to provide their information is by incorporating elements of social proof related to the company.
Few samples include:

  • “Over 40 percent of first-time users report high satisfaction with our Apps and Online forms.”
  • “Peter from Poland just signed up for our email newsletter!” 

According to Sagefrog Marketing Group, 73% of B2B marketers use social media and social media advertising as part of their overall strategy. Although social media is largely seen as a B2C tactic, the right platform can deliver results for B2B companies as well, with retargeting helping to maintain interest among those who have visit your website.

Source: https://www.smartinsights.com/b2b-digital-marketing/b2b-marketing-trends-for-2020/

Say no to RESET button
Never use a RESET button on form. Users spend so much time filling the form, now imagine if he clicked the RESET button by mistake. He is most likely to leave the site, which leads to lower conversions.

Guessing what’s next can be disgusting
Users do not want to be left in the dark or keep guessing what will happen after entering or clicking the ‘Submit’ button. Just enhance your conversion rates by improving the copy of CTA or adding another field that tells them what to expect. According to studies, the word “submit” is not descriptive enough. Words like “go” and “click here” see conversion rate increases in the neighborhood of 25-30%.

Thank you message to the visitor is required.
Show gratitude and courtesy to the visitor by a professional approach by Thanking his valued time spent on the website and also filling the form.

To increase conversion rates you must use simple forms with minimum fields to ensure users can fill the form quickly. Use Ecube Apps specially designed forms for different industries to increase your conversion rates.  Create your Free Form for better conversions.

Ecube Apps Features to Improve Conversion Rates:

  • Custom themes as per your business needs.
  • Field validation to avoid irrelevant data
  • Rule builder to customize the form based of user inputs
  • Simple Captcha to avoid bot submissions.
  • Performance analytics to monitor the data